First son of a Sicilian painter 

and former Double-Bass Player, 

Luca was born on August 22, 1982, in Milan, Italy. Exposed at a young age to the Fine Arts,

he started drawing at 3, while jazz records were resonating in his household. 

It wasn't until being introduced to the music of Michael Jackson, that he felt inspired to start singing, and at 8 years old he joined the local church choir.

Although his musical sensitivity was constantly growing and manifesting, the drive he had for painting led him to attend Fine Arts school.

“Music was more like a private passion,

Singing was a sincere way to express my intimate feelings. Fine Arts were for me the main form to interpret the world around me and symbolically describe concepts of the philosophies that I was beginning to explore”. 

But in 2001, Dimoon moved to London, UK,

where the vibrant music scene motivated him to become a professional singer.

Luca's conflicted decision was to put aside painting, in order to focus all artistic energies into music.

At first by writing songs and developing his vocal skills, then teaching himself to compose and arrange, through the study of Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Trumpet; and to produce/mix: "I had the necessity to become creatively independent, so I could be free to make music how I wanted and anytime I wanted".

A committed musical journey extended his path to New York City, where friends, members of the Harlem Gospel Choir, initiated him to their sophisticated vocal techniques and to Daryl Coley's legacy.

While in US, Luca started working on his first album “On Different Moods”, completed in Italy, and released in 2009 by “Groove Erotic”

(an independent label based in London, UK).

After that project was launched, a nomadic phase took off. Luca was touring the whole world, often spending extended periods in countries like France, Spain, Japan, India, Malaysia, Senegal, Kenya, in a spiritual and cultural exploration, where he gained inspiration to create his second album: "Telescope".

The fascination with different artistic languages, got him also into video making and photography.

During a trip in the Malaysian Borneo he filmed his first self-directed video: "Liberate",

then one year later in Japan he filmed and directed "Nonsense". 

At the end of 2016, Luca completed the 8 years in the making album: "Telescope", a blend of Cosmic Soul, Cyber Funk, and Raw Jazz.

Currently, as well as working on new projects, Luca is promoting his album and doing shows around the globe.